Friday, May 20, 2011

Savina Nail Color

im not a nail polish person. it last maybe 20 mins and then looks like a camel leaped all over my nails. oh well. but for some reason i bought these two colors and they are amazing. i feel like i have disco ball cup cakes on my nails. i can never find a nail polish that isn't all thick and gross. well birds, faithful birds, this purple or DREAM as it is labeled is nice and thin. i want more colors. i sniff a mild obsession lurking around the corner. only $3.97 a pop. come on, thats less then a pack of cigarets and lasts longer. why i related those two im not sure. i dont smoke. unless they are green beans. and thats not another slang word for pot. i mean an actual green bean. dont ask, just go paint your nail. i hope you didnt read this. moments of your life you will never retrieve.
Fairy Dust ^
Dream ^

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