Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning and Good Night

Bambi still asleep at 10AM this morning.

AAANNNDDD Bams wide awake when i got home at 12AM

Dut and Nicole's House

Roxie us a snuggle bug
She loves smallville
shes always ready to watch tv
nicole in the "kitchen"
Roxie demonstrates the correct
way to get into a bed.

Chapman Photoshoot

we went to crocket
and made a friend.

dog Thief-ery

there is something wrong with this dog

Jon's House

Abby loves me
i think Vito loves me more
Jon battles the scary pool snake so kelly can get in
Kelly got in . . .
scary pool snake killed me
Kelly got out.
Jon battled the water

Painting Essentials

when working on a house - always have Rooney!


i think i like white paint the best


thank you kelly's house!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toot & Puddle

if anyone wants to get me a random gift . . .
i own it now ...

Shark Girl

Kelly's mom got it from the library and i read
it to Kelly and Josie while we tanned.

Kelly and I

if we were pretzels . . .


she hates me. and loves kelly.

Toys That Should Never Be . . .

these toys should never ever be sold or made.
who wants a creepy cracked out looking baby
AND it glows in the dark - ick
i'm not sure what to say

4 inch heels and sprites

he is 4 inches taller now.
and now brushing up on his Spiderwick Sprites.

Paint The Church

painting the kids rooms at church

Monday, June 28, 2010

Star Wars Lego Key Chains

i can't choose which one i want.
which one would you pick?

{why is he the only one without a little lego taggy thingy!}


i bought myself a hot wheels challenger.
{shut up - bams and I love it}

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Kelly the Fruit SNACK

Toys R Us

this store had no legos. but a venom piggy bang sounds good!

The Mall

{why do the guys get the cool shirts?}
{kelly's toes}

we didn't buy any of these things.
just so you know.

Journey Tribute

Journey Tribute Band
{so worth it!}
jordan who kept putting grass on sarah, in her shoes and mouth.
sarah who kept getting mangled by jordan's grass.
morgan who just laughed and watched.
kelly has her fist ready to use it. mom has deflected her first attack.
dad doesn't know what's happening.