Wednesday, October 22, 2008

get into the SWING of things

One of my flat mates (Caitlin) is an avid swing dancer and every other such dancing too. There is a place down town that has swing dances every friday night. i finally went with Caitlin and her sister Molly. im addicted.  
hunter & caitlin

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 best things ever

coffee ice cream
chocolate covered raisins
peanut butter cups

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Climate Teacher

One of my teachers at school is, lets say . . . a typical weather nerd/crazy smelling scientist man. this is not a teacher bashing one bit, its a "i have to tell you about him cuz its so funny" time. 
ok so yesterday was the kicker. i almost laughed out loud while he was lecturing about wind current and thermal energy. i sit in the very front row so i get to enjoy all his antics up close and personal. here are a couple funny moments i just had to share. 

1. the sock and the pant leg: so when my teacher first walked into the class room everything seemed normal; the unkept hair, the funny smell . . . but then as he walked to the front of the class room i noticed a little party going on with his left sock and pant leg. the pant leg was snugly tucked into his sock. it was great. 

2. overhead blast: he always uses an overhead for his lectures to show us incredibly interesting grids and diagrams (im kidding about the interesting part) and yesterday he was setting it up and turned it on right when his face was perfectly alined with the blinding light. the result - a face blastation and a horse noise. lol - yes he did a little horse noise and proceeded to blink rapidly. so funny. 

3. chalk: he uses the chalk bored all the time and well gets it ALL over himself. im not sure how he does that but at the end of class his pants and shirt have little white spots all over them. 

this teacher is a very good teacher and all his antics makes the class more bearable since im not to interested in the "Climate." he has a great sense of humor which i think everyone needs, especially teachers. all that to say he's super funny. i texted KELLY ANN his antics and she said she wanted to see him so i drew a picture of him which turned out to look JUST like him. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ok so i have been told that prismacolor markers are amazing. i have tried to stay content with sharpies and put off using prisma but couldn't stand it any longer. 

i gave in and bought two colors; blondwood and light tan. MISTAKE . . . i am addicted. oh and by that i mean i NEED THEM ALL!!! but they are about 3 bucks a pop depending where you go, SO . . . it SUCKS. i got 3 more today; cool grey 10%,40% & 80%. this may not make ANY sense to you . . . so let me explain: there are three different kinds of grey; cool grey, warm grey and french grey. the cool grey is your typical grey color. the warm and french grey has more of a tan tint to it. 

now that i bored you beyond eternal monkey brains i wont make you read anymore nonsense. i'll let you know when i collect more wonderful flavors of color! don't hold your breath.  

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tiny Yarn Animals

Tiny Yarn Animals. one of my flat mates; Caitlin, and her friend; Kyla, have ventured into the wonderful world of knitting the cutest little yarn creatures that i have ever seen. they are trying to knit the hippo first. its super cute! i'll keep you updated ;) 

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I got to see calvin this weekend. i walked through the front door and was greeted by an immensely purry bundle of happy cat. im not going to lie, that is why i love pets. its always sad whenever i come home to my apartment and i am not greeted by a bright eyed meowing kitty cat. although i am quite happy there are two little ratty rats living with us. i think however; i'll have to do a bit of what i like to call rat dunking to clean them of their stinky winky smell. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


meet little Cheerio. one of my flat mate's friend asked if i could watch her for a day cause she didn't want to leaver her home alone all day. of corse how on earth could anyone say no to spending time with this little stroodle dove. she was so cute i wanted to put her in a bowl and poor milk on her head (pun intended). she is a cocker spaniel mix if i remember correctly. she was as light as a feather and floated across the floor as she scurried around our apartment playing tag. she's a keeper. to bad i had to give her back. 


This is one of my flat mates rescue rats. she really doesn't have a name so i started calling her Little One. there is another one who is white with red beady eyes that look a little misty at times. we believe that she is a bit blind due to the fact that she rocks back and forth and feels everything with her teeth (therefore we call her Helen Keller). yes, she does test fingers with her little yellow rat tongs (teeth). she certainly doesn't bit hard, just a little test run . . . unlike the great white shark whose test run could cost you your leg (there is a little blood) and possibly your life. anyways . . . back to the rats; they are quite loud once the sun goes down. they are constantly having races up and down the ramps in their cadge, picking fights with each other UFC style (yes i do enjoy watching the real UFC on TV sometimes), throwing their orange food dish across their cadge like an unwanted pair of jockey shorts and whatever else rats do when the sun goes down. Little One goes on field trips to the mail box and garbage runs when she is a good lil rat. i have discovered that they love mac n cheese, crackers, cheese, puffed corn and whatever else i seem to be eating at the moment. they will come running up the cadge bars and stick their cute little noses through the bars and sniff crazily hoping that the pull of the sniffers will suck in a tasty treat. i usually touch their little snouts like i would my hazard light button in my car and slip them a little yum yum. i really didn't think i could write this much about the rats but surprise surprise! 

8 Days Cat-less

everyone says that i am obsessed with my Bams . . . . but really, if something was in your life for almost 14 years (dec 18th is his birthday) and it brought you great joy, you would miss it terribly too. i think the longest i have been away from him is 2 weeks and its been 8 days so far and i get to see him tomorrow! i really miss him when my apartment is empty. at least we have 2 rats but it is most definitely not the same as my Bams. when i go to bed, it seems like there is so much room now that i don't have a furry little body taking up half the mattress. its a sad thought. and i would be lying if i said i hadn't shed a single tear while lying all by myself in my tiny cold bed cat-less. im lame i know. sorry. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 1 of School

yesterday was my first day of school. i rode my bike to school which was a fun new change. it barley takes any time at all. in fact i would venture to say that im there in two shakes of a lambs tale. i am pretty excited about my photo class and i cant wait to spend countless hours in the dark room stumbling over my class mate's feet and spilling chemicals all over the place. im not so sure about my climate class, i would have to say that my teacher doesn't have the most pleasant aroma but you can't win em all right. my graphic design classes don't seem very exciting either, but its only been one day, so i'll give it time. 3 out of 4 classes have people i know in them so i pretty much got it made in the friends aspect of things. the only thing that would complete this whole day is if my cat was waiting for me at my apartment. sad.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Jungle VIP

see this cat . . . i miss him