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Spiritual Fitness Handbook: U.S.Army Edition

Not until now has there been a field guide to personal faith in Jesus Christ specifically written for today’s American soldier.

Military Ministry is proud to present a NEW book, The Spiritual Fitness Handbook: U.S. Army Edition. The “SFH” is a natural follow-on to Military Ministry’s Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK), which has been instrumental in helping millions of service member, spouses, and veterans to engage with the Gospel, many for the first time. More than 2.2 million RDKs have been received voluntarily by troops and others since 9/11/2001.

  • Spiritual Self-Assessment
  • Basic Spiritual Fitness
  • Spiritual Battle Drills
  • Readiness before Deployment
  • Resources during Deployment
  • Recovery after Deployment
  • Advanced Spiritual Fitness
  • Dealing with Tough Times
  • Spiritual “Ammo Bunker”
  • Connecting with God

EXCERPT: Living with Combat Trauma

“Life in eastern Afghanistan was pretty boring – that is, for my first 72 hours. They choppered us about 12 clicks from our FOB and our mission was to walk back through several small towns, seeing what they needed and trying to sniff out intel about insurgents in the area….I wasn’t ready to see what I saw when I got there….I’ve been home for eight months now. It was great at first, but then things began to change….Sometimes I think God might be able to help me, but go to church? Forget about it. I feel so exposed there – like a sniper’s drawing a bead on me. And I’m sure the people there think I’m crazy. I’d rather just stay home, draw the curtains and listen to my music. I feel safe here. Sort of.”

Is This You?

Do the experiences and questions of this soldier sound familiar? Read through the Spiritual Fitness Handbook to learn how God can help you return to a place of strength and stability again. If it’s not you, learn how to prepare to develop resilience after trauma, and how to help your Battle Buddies.

Inside the SFH

The Spiritual Fitness Handbook: U.S. Army Edition is geared to the Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program, fleshing out and providing resources that will help build and sustain spiritual fitness before, during and after deployment. Providing many Bible references, prayers written especially for soldiers, and a full description and invitation to the Gospel, theSpiritual Fitness Handbook is the only resource of its kind that we know which offers the basics of the Christian faith and a host of practical suggestions and tools to guide American soldiers on their first steps down the path toward a mature relationship with Jesus.

The Spiritual Fitness Handbook will be a valued and treasured spiritual tool and companion for recruits, enlisted troops and officers, and combat veterans. The Handbook measures 4” x 6” and is spiral bound in a “flip book” format. It is constructed of moisture-resistant, tear-proof paper and fits comfortably in the cargo pocket of a soldier’s uniform.

Since 9/11/2001, Military Ministry has distributed almost 2.3 million Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) New Testaments for our troops. We’re able to send RDKs at no charge to chaplains and the military because of the donations of thousands of generous people across America. But you may also purchase an RDK to send to a military member you know.

Nearly every day, we hear stories about how much RDKs are appreciated:

  • Our chaplain staff has nearly exhausted our RDK supply. The troops really enjoy reading the Bibles and other reading material in the kit. Thank you for honoring our request. Army Staff Sergeant Chaplain Assistant
  • In Kandahar, Afghanistan, one marine had just returned from a combat patrol, and his first action was to pull the Bible from his fatigue pocket and kneel down to pray. His exhaustion was apparent, but his purposeful commitment to prayer was more compelling. Another marine had just completed a tour guarding prisoners in the compound at Kandahar and was assigned to accompany me through the compound. I noticed the pocket where he appeared to have kept his bible. I asked him where he got it, and he said it was given to him on board ship before he deployed into Afghanistan. He said a lot of his comrades were using them and he found great comfort in his combat Bible. Army General

RDKs contain a pocket-sized, camouflage-cover New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs(Good News Translation from the American Bible Society); an Our Daily Bread devotional guide (RBC Ministries); and a copy of the Would You Like to Know God Personally? booklet (Campus Crusade for Christ) in a waterproof bag that fits in the cargo pocket of a troop’s uniform. The requirement to allow the military member to easily carry a Bible with him or her at all times is a key to the success of the RDK ministry.

Every RDK is assembled by a volunteer. For many, this has become their primary personal ministry. Strong demand for Bibles continues from all branches of the military. We ship an average of nearly 20,000 New Testaments and full Bibles per month.

Our hope and prayer is that you will purchase RDKs for troops you know or to show others at your church, so they can participate in this wonderful ministry.

RDKs are free to chaplains and active duty military, paid for by the generous gifts of our donors. RDKs may also be purchased for giving to troops.

Chaplains: Click here to request RDKs.

For quantities over 25 please contact the Military Ministry Spiritual Resources Department at or call 800-444-6006 during business hours (EST).

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