Monday, January 17, 2011

Spy Creepster

my mother and i went to trader joes and then whole foods. i remembered seeing this guy in trader joes and i thought it was funny since we had just come from there and we entered whole foods at the very same moment. mom and i were joking about asking him where he was going next so we could follow. every time i turned a corner he was there and looked straight at me. i thought it was funny so i may have started following him, which wasn't hard. he most definitely noticed since he started looking around for me every time he turned around. he check out the same time we did and kept looking at us. he was probably paranoid that i was going to jump him. anyhoo, he left like 20 seconds before we did and he kept turning around and looking at us when he was walking to his car. he was right in front of us on the drive way out. so funny. i think i have invented a new game. stalk the strangers. it will become popular. maybe i'll meet my husband that way. maybe he is my future husband. we might already be married. just kidding. but really.
the end

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